Gold Impact Award

Fitzwilliam College Wins Gold in Environmental Scheme

After demonstrating commitment to reducing our environmental impact Fitzwilliam College has been awarded a 2019-20 Green Impact Gold Colleges Award.

Green Impact is the University of Cambridge’s environmental accreditation scheme. It supports and encourages colleges and departments across the University in reducing their environmental footprint.

Hero Chalmers, Fitzwilliam College Fellow Environmental Officer, said: “We are very excited to have been given a Gold Award in the University's Green Impact Scheme. 

“The work that went into achieving this started long before we began the formal process of working towards the award. Many individuals and departments in College have been embedding more environmentally sustainable practices for years and this award is a splendid acknowledgement of that work. 

“In addition to all the existing hard work, a dedicated team of volunteers (students, staff and fellows) came together to undertake the efforts needed to complete as many of the 95 criteria required for the Green Impact audit as possible. Thank you to everyone who's contributed to this process. 

“It's provided recognition for all that we're doing in this area as well as many useful goals for future improvement.”

The auditors commented on Fitzwilliam College’s “great action” in minimising our impact on the environment and the work undertaken to promote sustainability – including biodiversity initiatives.

One auditor said: “From promoting biodiversity to promoting more vegetarian and vegan diets, to considering energy consumption and water use, the College has a clear aspiration for greener practices. It was also amazing to see that some of the job descriptions … clearly state their responsibility in leading environmental actions and change.”

Another said: “It has been really inspiring seeing how dedicated the team is to embracing changes which they can make to reduce their environmental footprint, and exciting to hear about future projects which the college is looking to undertake.”